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Report of the City Surveyor.


The Committee received a public lift report of the City Surveyor for the period 09/02/2021 – 19/02/2021.


A Member commented that this was the first time in many years that a lift had been out of service for an entire reporting period. He recognised that this had apparently been caused by vandalism and asked Officers to confirm if there was any form of CCTV evidence of this vandalism and, if so, what was being done to follow up on this. He noted that a longer-term solution to this problem was forthcoming with the delivery of Millennium Bridge House but, even so, this act of vandalism which had taken the Millennium Inclinator out of service for an entire reporting period was very concerning.


Another Member noted that reconstruction had now begun on Millennium Bridge House and sought assurances that the Inclinator was not out of service as a result of these works. She added that she would hope that, as the ongoing works were carried out, greater surveillance would be put in place to discourage vandalism. She noted that, with the gradual lifting of lockdown measures and with better weather on the horizon, the riverside walkway would be very well utilised and the ability to move up and down here would be vital for those with access needs.  


The City Surveyor responded to clarify that the Inclinator was not out of service due to any building works and it, was hoped that it would be returned to service later today. It was reported that inclement weather was causing problems in terms of repairing the lift as was common at this time of year. In relation to any CCTV, it was reported that there was no dedicated surveillance for the Inclinator but that Officers were checking footage from surrounding buildings such as the City of London School.



RESOLVED – That Members note the report.

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