Agenda item

Questions on Matters Relating to the Work of the Sub Committee



There were 3 questions concerning the following:


1.         Members were concerned about access needs for the increasing number of residents using mobility aids.   The Assistant Director advised that a procurement exercise would be underway shortly, to appoint a specialist consultant to conduct a disability access survey across the City’s housing estates.  Whilst the outcome would be reported to Members, any access issues are actioned promptly.  The Assistant Director agreed to work with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman in respect of historic issues with the Middlesex Street lift and automatic entrance.   Members noted that some of the City Corporation’s housing stock is 60 years old and might need extensive works to bring it up to a modern standard.   The last survey was conducted in 2014 and, as the recent DDA legislation had been primarily focussed on public buildings, the new survey was timely.  Members noted that the allocations scheme captures current and incoming tenants, noting that their needs are likely to change throughout their tenancy.  Members asked if the report on the survey outcome and recommendations could include the City Corporation’s legal obligations.


2.         Residents of Tudor Rose Court had experienced some issues recently in respect of delayed repairs and accountability.  Members noted that Tudor Rose Court is managed by a private housing association and the City Corporation only has limited regulatory authority over serious defects in the block. The Deputy Chair of the Community and Children’s Services Committee and the Director were due to meet with tenants at Tudor Rose Court to discuss their concerns.  A tenant at Tudor Rose Court, also a Member of this Sub Committee, agreed to act as liaison and feed back to Members.  


3.         Members noted that there had been some disturbance caused by alarms going off on the Middlesex Estate early in the year, which had since been resolved.  However, there had been 3 more disturbances over 6 days in early November.   The Assistant Director advised that they were not related to the premises occupied by the City of London Police, nor the previous problems.  Two of the issues had since been resolved and a third was under investigation, as it was showing as a missing unit.  Prior to this there had been no problems for the past 7 or 8 months and officers would monitor the situation.