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Report of the Director of the Built Environment



The Sub Committee considered a report of the Director of the Built Environment regarding the Museum of London Gyratory project. A Member requested that regular consultation with Aldersgate Ward Members and the Barbican Centre be undertaken as the project progressed.


RESOLVED – That the Streets & Walkways Sub Committee agree:

  1. A restart of the project that remains wholly within currently agreed budget resources to ensure a coordinated highway and public realm design approach with the emerging Section 278 proposals at 81 Newgate Street and Bastion House;


  1. A change of project name to “St. Paul’s Gyratory Project”; and


  1. The revised budget detailed in Appendix 2.


LIFFE Trader Statue

The Town Clerk advised that the LIFFE Trader Statue, previously situated in the South Ambulatory, had been relocated to its new position on Dowgate Hill. An unveiling had been planned for 20 May to which all Members of the Sub Committee were invited. The Town Clerk advised that details and a calendar invitation would be circulated following the meeting.


Denizen Building

A Member asked whether highway works around The Denizen building were planned, following the completion of the development, as the poor quality of the pavements carried risk of accidents. Another Member advised that residents had raised concerns about this matter. The Director of the Built Environment advised that this would be taken away for clarification.


Beech Street Tunnel

A Member queried whether there had been any developments in respect of permanent solutions to the issues experienced by residents as a result of difficulties for delivery drivers and taxis in navigating the Experimental Traffic Order. A Member responded that they had been in regular contact with officers and residents on this matter, with improved signage having been installed and further representations made.


The Director of the Built Environment responded that Google Maps had now been updated, with improved signage deployed and further communications being sent to the list of stakeholders. The gaps to the central reservation had now been made, with works completed. A Member commented that this should substantially improve the situation as all addresses could now be accessed. The Director of the Built Environment added that warning notices had been issued for an extended period for this scheme, and advised that contact had been made with logistics companies where it was reported that they did not have up-to-date information.

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