Agenda item

City of London Police update

The Chief Superintendent, City of London Police to be heard.


The Committee received an oral update from the Chief Superintendent providing a general update on the City of London Police since the last meeting.


Members were informed that there was no report on violent crime at premises as all premises had been closed.


It was confirmed that the Police had continued to disseminate COVID guidance and engagement had been very positive. There was concern regarding the uplift in theft, but so far there had been no reports.


Members were advised there had been a number of public awareness events and were encouraged to attend an online event for general managers and SIA staff on 11 May. The Town Clerk agreed to share the details.


It was noted that there had been some issues concerning takeaway drinks and vertical drinking with the Police continuing to remind the public of the rules. Some premises had decided to stop takeaways as they could not manage the supply safely.


A policing plan is in place for premises viewing the upcoming Euros 2021, with four premises currently confirmed to showing the fixtures.


In response to a question concerning how many fines had been issued for breaches, Members were advised that only one had issued due to the premises consistently flouting vertical drinking rules after 3 engagements from officers.