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Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee noted the various outstanding actions and the updates provided thereon. The work plan for Committee meetings was also noted.


Electric Vehicle Charging


Members were informed that this work was being progressed through various Departments. Work has begun at the Baynard House Car Park, with works by the City Surveyor concerning vents and fire risks starting in June and the kit to go live by the summer. The Barbican Estate is still planning for additional bays and Middlesex Street are looking to secure additional funding, which were progressing together, and a report would follow.


A Member highlighted that residents would soon need to pay _ charge. A Portsoken residents survey on electric cars indicated an overwhelming lack of charging points; however, the planned works were not happening to an appropriate timeline as residents would no longer receive a resident discount in five months, yet the charging points would not be ready for at least 12 months. It was noted that other Local Authorities had reacted quickly by using existing infrastructure and a meeting had been set up to speed up the charging ports in Portsoken.


Officers confirmed there was a street furniture issue as the light columns could not be used in the City due to their historic significance, with only 10% in the City able to be utilised like other Local Authorities.


It was noted that charging points were available at Minories Car Park, which could potentially provide usage for these residents, or potentially in Islington although most motorists were limited to their own Boroughs. The Member responded that people wanted to charge their vehicles close to home and would not invest in electric vehicles if they had to drive far. Another Member added that this was a potential issue for disabled people and that they must be mindful of obstructions on streets.


Officers agreed to attend the meeting with Portsoken residents, and the Chair requested the outcome.


Garden Waste Recycling


Following the unsuccessful trial seven years ago, there was feedback from residents to try this again which was planned to go ahead in March 2020 but was prevented by the pandemic. Officers were now proposing to revisit the scheme for March to October 2022. Members were supportive of this plan.


Measurement and mitigation options for operational rail noise from London Underground affecting the Barbican Estate


Officers were pleased to report that following continued engagement with London Underground, the redundant block joints underneath the track were being removed. Officers committed to keep up the pressure and speed restriction for the area. The Town Clerk agreed to circulate the letter from TfL to Barbican residents.


Amendment to KPI TPR 11 of the DBE business plan 2021/22 / surveys 


Benchmark data was now available following the KBT survey and Officers would use this to assist inspections. A September verbal update and October report would follow to the Committee. Officers agreed to include an update on the number of incidents of successful prosecution.


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