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Draft City of London Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy 2021-2030

Report of the Director of Markets & Consumer Protection.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Markets & Consumer Protection concerning the Draft City of London Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy 2021-2030. This strategy fulfils the City of London’s statutory obligation to set out its wider approach to contaminated land and its inspection duties within the Square Mile and provides a more accessible, shorter and condensed strategy document. 


Members were advised that the City Corporation had a statutory duty to ensure land within its boundaries were fit for use and have a plan in place which was reviewed every five years.


A Member highlighted rising groundwater which was an issue 5-10 years ago as a possible pollutant issue. Officers were not aware of any issues concerning rising water which was looked at carefully by environment services. Issues were caused by the flow of water from the tidal Thames resulting in the movement of pollutants.


The Member also noted that the City of London Primary Academy Islington (COLPAI) site had found asbestos on what was a City of London and Islington site and enquired if the Corporation was working with other Local Authorities. Members were advised that there was a statutory requirement to assess ground and land information was also required as was the case with the COLPAI land. When there were risks adjacent to boundaries, this would be managed by the relevant Local Authority.


In response to a query concerning whether sufficient resources were available to manage this work, Officers confirmed the costs were met within the existing departmental budget plus the cost of contamination was borne by the landowner. If something required significant detailed investigation and this came to the Corporation rather than the land owner, a request would come back to the Port Health Committee for sign off.


RESOLVED – That Members approve the proposal set out in paragraph 12 and 13  that the attached draft contaminated land inspection strategy (Appendix 1) undergoes external consultation until 25 July 2021, subject to any comments received at your meeting and a further report will be presented to your 27 September 2021 meeting to approve the subsequent new strategy.


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