Agenda item

Appointment of Sub-Committees 2021/22

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Board considered a report of the Town Clerk concerning the appointment of its various Sub Committees for the ensuing year.




·         Approve the Terms of Reference of the Board’s Sub-Committees;


·         Approve the Composition of the Board’s Sub-Committees;


·         Agree the Chair is to continue representing the Board on the Culture Mile Working Party; and


·         Appoint the Membership to the Sub-Committees for the year ensuing.


·         The following Memberships be agreed: -


Finance and Risk Committee of the Barbican Centre Board

Tijs Broeke (Chair of the Board)

Deputy Tom Sleigh (Deputy Chair of the Board)

Randall Anderson  

Russ Carr  

Anne Fairweather (Policy & Resources Committee representative)

Robert Glick OBE (Barbican Centre Trust representative)

Deputy Wendy Hyde (Finance Committee representative)

Alderman David Graves


Nominations, Effectiveness & Inclusion Committee of the Barbican Centre Board

Deputy Tom Sleigh (Chair of the Board)

Stephen Bediako (Deputy Chairman of the Board)

Randall Anderson  

Tijs Broeke  

Zulum Elumogo  

Lucy Musgrave  

Mark Page  

Dr Jens Riegelsberger  



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