Agenda item

Education, Cultural and Creative Learning and Skills Update

Report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services.


Members received a report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services regarding an update on the City’s educational, cultural and creative learning, and skills activities.


An introduction was provided by a Level 3 Business and Events Apprentice, within the Education Unit, highlighting the success of the Debating Competition and thanking those involved, including the Chair who had participated as a judge. Members also noted that the Chess Tournament from March had benefitted from a positive legacy with the online platform continuing to be used by pupils, and parents and staff expressing their contentment with the outcomes.


A presentation was then provided by the Education Unit’s Culture Lead informing Members of the success of the #mood project and City Schools’ Music Workshops. Members saw the launch video of the #mood project and heard some samples of music expected from the upcoming ‘listening event’. Members were invited to attend the virtual concert on Wednesday 26 May 2021, contacting the Education Unit to RSVP.


Members expressed support of the #mood project, with one highlighting its value in inclusive participation, particularly for SEN pupils, and promoting cohesion across the family of schools.


An outline of the recently launched Find Fusion website, including a brief demonstration, was provided by the Education Unit’s Programmes and Partnerships Officer. Members were asked to share this with their network to encourage productive use of the website.


A Member enquired as to whether Find Fusion was already collaborating with the Livery Companies and Gresham College, who were delivering online webinars. It was clarified that Gresham College were involved in the project and that engagement with the Livery would be addressed in Item 18.


Another expressed support of the project, recognising its value particularly during lockdown. They enquired as to whether data was being collected and analysed to help inform the content on the website. It was confirmed that usage of the site was being tracked, with stakeholders keen to gain insight into this as usage increased. Stakeholders had also expressed an interest in gaining an understanding of which opportunities were gaining the most traction and how best to monitor this was being considered by officers.


A Member highlighted that there had been some confusion outlined in the mid-term strategy report, in relation to the Find Fusion project, as to the definition of fusion and expressed concern that a lack of clarity may impede its success. They felt that work should be undertaken to ensure a greater understanding of the term.


RESOLVED, that Members:-

  • Note the update on events and activities delivered since the last meeting;
  • Note the calendar of forums and events over the 2020/21 academic year in Appendix 1.

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