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Managing Director's Report

Report of the Managing Director of Bridge House Estates (BHE)


The Board received a report of the Managing Director of Bridge House Estates (BHE) providing an update on key areas of activity across the whole charity since the Board’s last meeting in July 2021 and outlining upcoming activities for the Board to note.


Tower Bridge


The Board noted a recent technical issue with the Bridge’s automated control system, which had been resolved. The Chair commented that it was key that lessons were learned in order to prevent such issues going forward. The Head of Tower Bridge advised that whilst the control system was not at the end of its life, it was intended to upgrade the system in alignment with the ongoing HV System project.


A Member commented that there had been other recent issues at Tower Bridge, which were highly publicised, and the Board sought assurance that sufficient planning and budget were in place for predicted maintenance over the longer-term. The Head of Tower Bridge explained that plans were in place to overhaul the full HV System, with some work having been brought forward. The Board noted that work had been done to assess the funding required for the maintenance of the bridges over the long-term.


The Chair advised that a report on the Risk Register for the charity, which would include risks in respect of the bridges, was expected at the next Board meeting in November.


City Bridge Trust (CBT) Activity Update


The Board received an update on CBT’s response to the impact on London’s Afghan community and refugees of the crisis in Afghanistan. The Managing Director of BHE advised that whilst the scale of the planned resettlement scheme had not been confirmed, as over half of the Afghan community in the UK lived in London, it was likely many would seek resettlement in London. There were several areas where CBT could provide support and the Trust had a longstanding associated with Afghan organisations through which support could also be provided. The Managing Director of BHE added that officers were actively working in this area.


RESOLVED – That the report be noted.

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