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TOM CLS Pilot - Procurement Empowerment with Choice

Report of the Chamberlain.


Governors noted a report of the Chamberlain regarding TOM CLS Pilot – Procurement Empowerment with Choice.


Governors heard that further detailed arrangements would need to be discussed, with a view to the proposal being piloted and evaluated in 2022 ahead of its potential roll-out to other institutions within the City of London Corporation.


Governors noted an error in the TOM CLS Pilot report on page 38 paragraph 9b: the threshold limit should read £300K not £330K.


Governors also noted that the proposed £180K limit needed to be consistent and cannot be higher than the limit set by Government to replace the Ojeu limit for procurement purposes, and that although Ojeu limits and their successors do not apply to schools it was deemed preferable to have a consistent limit.


A Member commented that the limits needed to be kept under review, and expressed the hope that the relevant Corporation institutions would enjoy increased levels of authority and discretion in the future.



RESOLVED, that the report be received.

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