Agenda item

Barbican Fire Door Replacement Programme

Report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services.



The Committee received a report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services in respect of a programme of works to replace all fire rated doors (including any associated panel surrounds, fanlight windows, refuse cupboards and intake cupboards) within the residential blocks of the Barbican Estate, to ensure that they meet fire safety requirements.

Members noted that this was a complex project, due to the Estate’s Listed Building Status and,  whilst the survey would dictate the works schedule, it would also be sensitive to making good requirements.   The officer also advised that the full door replacement programme was likely to take 2-3 years.  Members noted that the design was reliant on consultation, which was at an early stage, and the establishment of a communication channel and working party would follow.   In response to a question about lift replacement, the officer gave assurance that all projects were strictly co-ordinated.  Members also noted that the Asset Management Working Party (AMWP) would be considering the outline programme, which would then be shared with residents as soon as possible. 

RESOLVED, that – the report be noted. 


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