Agenda item

Questions on matters relating to the work of the Committee


The Director of Arts & Learning provided Members with a management update whereby it was acknowledged that the Directorate were simply too slow to communicate the failings of the EDI Strategy to staff. Management were working to rectify this by communicating with staff as quickly and accurately as possible and implement a suitable structure and a broader EDI Strategy. Members were advised that it would take a full team effort to deliver requirements to resolve the crises and elevate the HR function to create a better Centre for the future. Members were not surprised by situation noting that recommendations were made during the last year by the Initiate Group and staff.


A Member wished to understand what had happened over the last seven days including what care, communications and safe channels had been put in place. Members were informed that there had been emails from the Managing Director to all staff, management meetings followed up by department meetings to provide feedback, clearly sign posted support to staff, numerous schemes communicated from the City Corporation and Barbican HR, training for staff and management, plus 24 hour confidential support and counselling all in one place was being implemented. Further communications would also be sent to staff early next week. The Committee were keen to review the communications and provide advice where appropriate, especially if there was any feedback that staff still did not feel they had safe space.


The Deputy Chair was glad to hear there had been progress and saw this as an important moment for the Centre which must be seen to be taking action. It was felt that the City Corporation and management needed immediate support for diversity and hoped processes and structures would not stop swift action from occurring in the long and short term.