Agenda item

Charities Review - Interim Outcomes Report

Report of the Managing Director of Bridge House Estates & Chief Charities Officer.


The Sub-Committee received a report of the Managing Director of Bridge House Estates and Chief Charities Officer relative to an update on the Corporate Charities Review following the last update report in September 2020. The report focused on the interim findings of the Corporate Charities Review since the reinvigoration of the project following the adverse impact of COVID-19 on the original project timetable. It also outlined progress made to-date, despite the impact of COVID-19 and provided and update on resourcing.


RESOLVED, that –

(i)            the contents of the update report be noted; and

(ii)           it be noted that the potential resourcing implications to implement actions which had been identified through the Corporate Charities Review shall be presented to the Sub-Committee in the future as required.