Agenda item

Central Grants Unit - Update Report

Report of the Managing Director of Bridge House Estate and Chief Charities Officer.


The Sub-Committee received an update report of the Managing Director of Bridge House Estates and Chief Charities Officer relative to the Central Grants Unit.


Jack Joslin (Head of the Central Grants Unit) referred to the report before Members and explained how the Central Grants Unit (CGU), whilst administering the City Corporation’s Central Grants Programme (CGP), also provided a centre of excellence in charity and grants administration and management with a view to establishing consistency of approach within the City Corporation and to role model best practice in the field of Grant Making. It was noted that the success of the CGU has led to it taking on the administration of other funding and grants programmes for the City Corporation as charity trustee (Emanuel Hospital) and as local authority (Community Infrastructure Levy Fund).


RESOLVED, that the update report be noted.

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