Agenda item

Gateway 4c Issue - Bank Junction Improvements Project: All Change at Bank

Report of the Director of the Built Environment


The Sub Committee considered a Gateway 4c Issue report of the Director of the Built Environment regarding the Bank Junction Improvements project. The Chairman introduced the item before the Director of the Built Environment introduced the report, outlining the issues and their impact on the programme. The Director of the Built Environment then drew Members’ attention to the recommendations of the report.


The Chairman stressed the importance that the project be completed correctly and commented that circumstances had changed significantly since the start of the project. The Chairman added that the consultation was crucial to the project and it was important that the results were comprehensive and informative. A Member commented that it was positive that so many results had been received, and that proper consideration of the results was vital for progressing the project.


RESOLVED – That the Projects Sub Committee:


  1. That an additional budget of £151,323 is approved to reach the next Gateway as explained in section 3; and that this be funded from the already approved Central funding (total approved budget of £2,074,733);


  1. That a revised Costed Risk Provision of £93,000, (previously £95,000) is approved (to be drawn down via delegation to Chief Officer);


  1. Agree the approach set out in section 4 to delay the consultation findings report until September 2021 to provide additional time to analyse and consider the responses fully; and


  1. Note the delay to the programme, which will mean that if approved, construction work for this project would not start until at least January 2022.

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