Agenda item

Questions on Matters Relating to the Work of the Committee


The Chair had received a question in respect of drainage and door set works to Lambert Jones Mews.  The Head of Major Works advised that the standard of work from the original contactor had been below the City Corporation’s expectations.  Subsequently, a new contractor had been appointed, once the first part of the works were complete. 


The scope of the works had also changed at this point and the new methods used, with less joints in the pipework, would reduce the risk of further leaks.  The drains had been cleaned and the next steps would include a preventative maintenance programme, which would be discussed with residents.  The Head of Major Works advised that this would include annual cleaning and a roof coating, which would prevent mineral damage to the pipework.   Contractors had recently been on site to repair  door sets and make good decorations, both internally and externally, including holes left by scaffolding.   Residents were thanked for their patience in this matter, particularly a Lambert Jones resident who had been very helpful in co-ordinating access.   It was expected that the remedial works would be completed before Christmas, weather permitting, and the roof coating early in the New Year.  


Residents had received a detailed breakdown, up to the point where the original contract had been terminated, and a quotation for the remaining works, up to completion and remedial.  The Head of Major Works confirmed that, at this point, the only expected additional cost would be for the roof coating, as this fell outside the scope of the original works.  Members were assured that residents would not bear any additional costs in terms of delays.