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Livery Skills Initiative Update

Report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services.


Members received a report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services relative to progress of the Livery Skills Initiative, including findings of a survey sent to all Liveries and Guilds.


The Deputy Chair began by thanking the officers involved for their work in developing the initiative.


A Member enquired as to how the involvement of excluded students could be achieved. Reassurance was offered that efforts were being made to reach all cohorts of students, including those who had been excluded from main stream schools as well as other hard to reach groups such as SEND or home-schooled students, and an example was provided of the Culture Mile Learning work experience event taking place that week that included many excluded students who had been secured through pupil referral units.


Officers were then asked to confirm how the ongoing impact of these activities on these students could be measured. It was noted that, despite difficulties associated with long term monitoring of students following an activity, efforts were being made to develop a collaborative approach across all levels of education to ensure the ability to monitor progress throughout a student’s entire education. The Livery Skills Initiative in particular offered the opportunity to follow the progress of students throughout their education from primary to adult learning.


The Chief Executive of CoLAT informed the Board of an apprenticeship academy programme which focused on identifying students who were at risk of exclusion and offering an alternative to mainstream education which provided support to these students while monitoring any problematic behaviour. The programme had experienced success so far and it was hoped that this could be embedded into all CoLAT schools with the support of the Education Board. The Chair confirmed that support for initiatives such as this were being considered in the Tomlinson Review.


RESOLVED, that the report be noted.

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