Agenda item

Committee Work Programme

Member are asked to note the Committee’s Work Programme.


Members received the Committee’s work programme. The following points were noted:


A Member commented that financial risk appeared to  focus on operational issues rather than financial considerations. An Officer responded to say that Deep Dive CR35 was undertaken in May, and the risk was reduced from Red 16 to Amber 12. Members were advised that engagement with the Executive Leadership Board to review the Corporate Risk Register and the importance of financial risk was being progressed.


In relation to the Committee’s work programme, the Head of Audit and Risk Management advised that the  Work Programme would be revised to better reflect the work undertaken outside of the formal decision making process.


In response to a query as to whether the high and medium risks of the ending of lockdown regulations on 19 July should be highlighted, Officers advised that the corporate risks were scrutinised by Gold Recovery Group, whilst departmental COVID risks were overseen by the relevant thematic groups. Chief Officers were required to report COVID risks at the same time as their departmental risks to the relevant grand committees to ensure Member-oversight. The Chairman commented that it would be helpful for Officers to provide an overall dashboard of risks to the wider Court.

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