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Report of the Director of Open Spaces.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Open Spaces on the Copped Hall Parkland Management Plan.


A member of the Committee commented that the report represented the correct direction of travel for the project however the specific details of the report would be vital to understanding the success of the project. It was added that stakeholders, including the Committee, would need to be kept appropriately informed at each stage of the project. The Director of Open Spaces confirmed that there would be extensive consultation with all stakeholders noting that a carbon removals officer was due to be hired which would help with the delivery, in including communication, of this project. It was added that a committee visit to the site was also being considered. Moreover, the Director observed that a balance between dialogue and progress was required on this project.


In response to a Committee member’s query the Director of Open Spaces explained that the budgetary breakdown was provided in appendix seven of the report.



  1. Option 1 be approved, to allow work to begin at Copped Hall, from September 2022, using the allocated CAS Carbon Removals Project funding; and
  2. That the Committee approved the development of a CSS application based on the wood-pasture and parkland proposals in, and as appended to, this report, plus further development of their detail alongside development of heritage protection proposals and additional visitor access enhancement, including a future report on car parking. The details of the application to be presented for approval at future Committee prior to any application in April 2023.


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