Agenda item

Open Spaces and City Gardens Risk Management Report

Report of the Director of Open Spaces


The Committee received a report of the Director of Open Spaces on the Open Spaces and City Gardens Risk Management.


Replying to a Member’s query on the ULEZ risk the Director of Open Spaces confirmed that the risk remained amber because the Department was taking a cautious view on the procurement of compliant vehicles but confirmed there was current no reason to think this would not be completed by the end of autumn.


A Member noted that the risk on maintenance of buildings, memorials, play areas and equipment was listed as red and questioned if this was a reason for concern with regard to the child’s play areas. The Director of Open Spaces explained that the risk was listed as red because of the condition of some heritage buildings within the portfolio, confirming that the child’s play area was not the reason for this risk rating. A Member commented that there needed to be a rational included if there was material increase in risk of building maintenance. The Chairman observed that there was wide range of risks within the Committee purview including the management of heritage buildings, which if the mitigation actions were not properly funded, would have detrimental real world impact. 



  1. The Departmental risk register as outlined in this report and at Appendix 2 be approved; and
  2. That the removal of OSD 010 – Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) Fleet Purchase Risk, as outlined at paragraph 15 be approved; and
  3. That the reactivation of OSD 012 – Budget Reduction & Income Loss Summary Risk be approved; and
  4. The City Gardens elements of the City Gardens and West Ham Park risk register at Appendix 3 be approved.


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