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City Streets: Transportation response to support Covid-19 Recovery - Phase 3 Issues report

Report of the Director of the Built Environment


The Sub Committee considered a report of the Director of the Built Environment on the transportation response to support Covid-19 recovery.


In considering the report, the Sub Committee expressed its support for the proposed greening and seating measures.  A Member queried whether costings related to street cleaning had been incorporated and was advised that cleaning and maintenance costs formed part of the budget.   


RESOLVED – That the Streets & Walkways Sub Committee:


1.         Note the progress to date on the implementation of the Covid-19 street recovery project (Phase 3);


2.         Approve the delivery of additional seating and greening measures as described in the report;


3.         Approve the budget adjustment and increase as set out in Section 3 - Table 2, at a total project cost of £580,500 to continue the management and delivery of the project;


4.         Note the approval, in principle, of the ‘asphalt art’ initiative from Cultural, Heritage and Library Committee on 14th June for up to 5 sites, subject to funding and the required highway approvals, overseen by this Sub Committee; and,


5.         Approve the addition of the ‘asphalt art’ initiative within this Covid-19 recovery Phase 3 project, to be progressed with a separate Gateway 5 report, submitted under delegated authority. The delivery of the asphalt art is externally funded at a cost of £220,000.

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