Agenda item

Barbican Renewal Brief

The Chief Operating & Financial Officer to be heard.


The Board noted a verbal update of the Chief Operating & Financial Officer regarding the Barbican Renewal Brief.


Members were advised that the original brief planned to go ahead July, but it was decided it needed to be made stronger and a design council had been appointed to review the brief including sustainability. It was agreed this would go ahead in September.


A Member enquired if the project was a rescoping of the current envelope or a full renewal of the structural envelope. The Chair confirmed that the project was not enlarging the footprint but would make the existing structure more dynamic for the future, with many interesting interventions being looked explored. The brief was carefully designed to give architects the key themes of sustainability, inclusivity, commercial need, etc. The Managing Director confirmed that Officers were committed to consulting with residents regarding the implications of the brief. A Member suggested considering the outdoor spaces and connectivity to the rest of the Barbican Estate and district as being within the envelope.


A Member recommended including EDI input and expertise. Officers confirmed the brief was early in the design process and experts would work with the design group.


Another Member hoped to see wider partnerships and engagement with not just existing organisations but also smaller organisations at grassroots level. Officers agreed they needed to reach out to all diverse communities, and this would be included in the brief.