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Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee received a report of the Town Clerk regarding the Outstanding Actions.


Barbican and Golden Lane Conservation Area SPD

The Chief Planning Officer and Development Director reported that a significant number of consultation responses had been received, some of which were very detailed and would now require additional meetings with some stakeholders. The final document would then have to be presented to the three Barbican Committees for input before being finalised by this Committee. It was therefore expected that the document would now be submitted to the 1 February 2022 meeting of this Committee.


A Member commented that he was disappointed to learn that this work would be further delayed and highlighted that, in communications received from Officers, it had been suggested that this work had to be tied in with the SPD for the Barbican Arts Centre. He questioned why this was the case. Officers clarified that this was not strictly necessary but seemed to be a logical approach to discuss both at the same time given that they were part of the same complex.


The Chair stressed the need for and importance of proper consultation and engagement on this piece of work.


RESOLVED – That Members note the report.


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