Agenda item


Report of the Chief Planning Officer and Development Director.


The Committee considered a report of the Chief Planning Officer and Development Director regarding 100 and 108 Fetter Lane London EC41 1ES – specifically, demolition of 100 Fetter Lane and construction of a new building for office use (Class E) and a flexible commercial unit (Class E(a)(b)(c)(d)), comprising a basement level, ground, mezzanine and 12 upper storeys plus roof plant level, creation of a new pedestrian route and pocket square at ground level, ancillary cycle parking, servicing plant and enabling works – Option B.


Having fully debated each Option, the Committee proceeded to vote on the recommendations before them within this report. The vote was conducted by rollcall led by the Town Clerk with those Members present and eligible to vote asked to also confirm that they had been present for and able to hear the entirety of this item.


Votes were cast as follows:    IN FAVOUR –  21 Votes

                                                OPPOSED –    5 Votes*.

                                               There was one abstention.




(1)  That planning permission be granted for the above proposal in accordance with the details set out in the attached schedule subject to:


(a)  Planning obligations and other agreements being entered into under Section 106 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 and Section 278 of the Highway Act 1980 in respect of those matters set out in the report, the decision notice not to be issued until the Section 106 obligations have been executed.


(2)  That your Officers be instructed to negotiate and execute obligations in respect of those matters set out in “Planning Obligations” under Section 106 and any necessary agreements under Section 278 of the Highway Act 1980.


(3)  The Mayor of London be given 14 days to decide whether or not to direct the council to refuse planning permission (under Article 5) 1(a) of the Town and Country Planning (Mayor of London) Order 2008) .


*In accordance with Standing Order No. 38, those Members who had voted against the recommendation asked that their names be recorded in the minutes – they were Marianne Fredericks, Graeme Harrower, Christopher Hill, Natasha Lloyd-Owen and Susan Pearson.


Supporting documents: