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Barbican Podium Works - Governance Arrangements

Joint report of the Town Clerk and the Comptroller and City Solicitor.


The Committee considered a joint report of the Town Clerk and the Comptroller and City Solicitor regarding governance arrangements for the Barbican Podium Works.


A Member commented that he understood the logic of this report but highlighted that the last report from the Policy and Resources Committee to the Court of Common Council on governance arrangements commented on the ‘disaggregated’ way in which the Barbican Estate is managed with different departments/Committees responsible for things such as walkways, signage, repairs and cleansing and how this equated to a short-fall in the overall vision for the management of the estate. He therefore questioned whether the Policy and Resources Committee was the correct Committee to take responsibility for this.


The Comptroller and City Solicitor commented that other options appeared to be limited and that there was no obvious place for these responsibilities to fall in order to allow this Committee to take forward a decision on the planning application.


RESOLVED – That the Planning and Transportation Committee recommend to the Court of Common Council that the functions of Planning and Transportation Committee as walkway authority and under Part II of the City of London (Various Powers) Act 1967 in connection with the promotion of the Barbican Podium Works (but not the diversion, alteration, revocation or declaration of any City Walkway) be delegated to Policy and Resources Committee for the duration of the Barbican Podium project.

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