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Any other Business that the Chairman considers urgent


Public Lift Report

The Committee received a late, separately circulated public lift report of the City Surveyor.


A Member referred to the lift and two escalators at London Wall West which were important access points to the Museum of London and the Barbican Estate/podium and which had been out of service for some time now causing considerable disruption. He questioned what would be done to rectify this. He also went on to refer to the cleansing of these areas, suggesting that both required a deep clean.


Officers spoke to assure the Committee that the City Surveyor, as part of their reactive budget, accounted for a cleaning of the lift shaft and escalators and intended to now liaise with colleagues in the Environment Department about the cleaning of the walkways. Officers went on to state that, although the escalator was due to be brought back into service tomorrow (following an engineering inspection for health and safety reasons) there would also be substantial funding for the refurbishment of both the up and down escalators as part of the City Surveyor’s 2022-23 CWP Programme.


The Chair thanked Officers for this update and stated that he was pleased to hear that these works were to be expedited. He added that he hoped that the cleansing of this area would be ongoing.


Departing Members

Members took the opportunity to thank those who would not be standing in the forthcoming City-wide elections next month for their contributions on the Committee.


The Deputy Chairman also took the opportunity to thank the Chair for his leadership given that he would be standing down from the role after three years at the next meeting of the Committee.


Thanks were also given to the Deputy Chairman for his work on both the grand Committee and its Streets and Walkways Sub-Committee.


Special thanks were also given to Barbra Newman as the Committee’s longest serving Member and a past Chairman.


The Town Clerk reported that there would be an opportunity to offer formal thanks to those departing/standing down at the next meeting of the Committee in April.





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