Agenda item

Appointment of Committees

Report of the Town Clerk.



Trustees considered a report of the Town Clerk seeking to establish Committee for the 2021/22 academic year and also agree terms of reference.


Trustees agreed the committees, terms of reference and membership.




  1. That the committees and terms of reference as appended to the report be agreed.


2.   That Trustees be appointed to committees as set out below:

·          Audit & Risk Committee

Peter Bennett, Edward Benzecry, Tijs Broeke, Dawn Elliott, Alderman Robert Howard (Chairman).


·          Finance & Operations Committee

Peter Bennett (Chairman), Edward Benzecry, Tijs Broeke, Dawn Elliott.


·         People, Equality & Inclusion Committee
Roy Blackwell, Tijs Broeke, Dawn Elliott (Chairman), Lucas Green.

·         Remuneration Committee
Roy Blackwell, Tijs Broeke (Chairman), Dawn Elliott.

·         Standards & Accountability Committee
Edward Benzecry, Roy Blackwell (Chairman), Tijs Broeke, Caroline Haines, Professor Richard Verrall.


Supporting documents: