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Update on the Edge Condition Surveys for the Markets

Report of the City Surveyor.


The Committee considered a report of the City Surveyor outlining works necessary to keep the wholesale markets operational.  In presenting the report, Officers advised that the report at item 16a on the agenda for this meeting had been considered by the Projects Sub Committee and concerns had been raised in respect of funding.  Officers stated that the Committee would have to make annual bids and prioritise works. On the whole the markets were in a satisfactory condition and operational risks were managed.  However significant investment would be required in the medium term and the Committee would have to consider what works were desirable/essential.


Members were concerned that the report had no clear recommendations and requested clarification on what works were deemed necessary so that only essential works were undertaken to minimise expenditure on sites which would become vacant when markets were relocated.


A Member suggested that works at Smithfield Market should be prioritised as these building was listed but only essential works should be undertaken.  Concerns were also raised in respect of the CoL breaching its legal obligations by failing to maintain Smithfield Market in a reasonable state of repair.


On balance, Members were generally supportive of the report as the first step in the process of identifying and prioritising works, some of which had been outstanding for many years.


In response to observations and questions from Members, Officers advised that further reports would be presented seeking the views of traders and the Committee on how works would be prioritised and funded to ensure that the markets remained operational until they were relocated to the new site.


A member suggested that the recommendation in the report be amended and the revised recommendations as set out below were agreed unanimously.




1.    That the report be noted

2.    That the Committee supports the items marked as key actions in paras 12, 14, 16 & 17 of the report being addressed.


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