Agenda item

Environment Bill Update

The Deputy Remembrancer to be heard.


The Committee received an oral update from the Deputy Remembrancer concerning the Environment Bill.


Members were informed that the Bill was going through its final stages at the House of Lords; the City Corporation had submitted an amendment the desired outcome was not achieved despite a strong collaboration with DEFRA and Cross-Party support. Officers continue to work in collaboration with others and push this agenda forward.


Members discussed and agreed for the need to push the use of green technology and non-mobile road machinery/enforcement power.


With regards to a question concerning controls for generators, Officers were looking at generators and emissions targets set by DEFRA. The Bill would not require electric-based generators but was expected provide trajectory. It was noted that WHO guidelines also supported this, and it was hoped these guidelines would be used to apply pressure.


A Member enquired if companies could buy back the power from the power supply company to get revenue. Officers confirmed this was being explored.


The Chairman was pleased and optimistic the City Corporation was pushing the Government and leading the agenda on air quality in London.