Agenda item

Update on the impact of budget cuts on the cleansing service

The Assistant Cleansing Director to be heard.


The Committee received an oral update from the Assistant Cleansing Director concerning the impact of budget cuts on the cleansing service.


Members were advised that there had been significant work since January and feedback so far suggested there had been a drop in standard. This was being reviewed and resources rescoped appropriately. Whilst the City is performing better than neighbouring boroughs, an increase of graffiti and flyposting, increased demonstrations from Extinction Rebellion and cleaning up after the Euros have had an impact.


Members felt Officers did a good job dealing with graffiti. A Member enquired how much it cost to clean up following Extinction Rebellion events, e.g. the paint on Guildhall, and whether it was environmentally friendly to clean. Officers confirmed they were collating the costs to be included in a report in November. Whilst no chemicals were used, only hot waterpower washing, lots of water and manpower were needed to remove the paint. Members were pleased to learn that the City Corporation were taking Extinction Rebellion to Court for these costs. An application was also being made to convict against protesters.