Agenda item

Outstanding Actions and Work Plan

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee received a report of the Town Clerk setting out the current list of outstanding actions:


Electric Vehicle Charging


Officers confirmed electric charging points had been made available to residents and this matter was being followed up with the Planning & Transportation and Community & Children's Services Committees. Pressure continued to be put on the Landlord and a long-term plan was received. Members welcomed the arrangements made by the City Corporation and thanked Officers.


A Member noted that the arrangement was for four weeks only, and this needed to be communicated with residents, so they were aware of their options. The Member highlighted the need to help low-income residents and their transport needs. Officers agreed to share communications with residents and continue to apply pressure.


Measurement and mitigation options for operational rail noise from London Underground affecting the Barbican Estate


The Chairman advised that he had a meeting with Nickie Aiken, MP for Cities of London and Westminster, who had a shared interest on tube related noise disturbance which was an issue across London. Members were advised that they were joining up with other MPs to deal with the issue.


Members were advised that an update was received from TfL with further details to follow in the coming weeks. A meeting took place at the beginning of September between TfL, Officers and Members and a number of issues were raised including the noise, delays, communications and noise measuring at Brandon Mews. Residents would be contacted regarded access.


A Member enquired if the works had been resolved at Defoe House. Officers were not certain as these were ongoing works over years and only some joints had been removed from the track.


The Chairman stated that TfL needed to be held to their promises to residents and they needed to understand the effect of the new timetables. The Deputy Chairman was disappointed there were still no noise measurements as they were led to believe it would happen quickly and encourage Officers to keep pushing for this information. It was noted the next meeting would be held in a flat on site.


Busking at Southwark


Members were advised that two meetings had taken place between Members, Officers, residents and Southwark and Officers continued to engage with buskers. It was noted there was also an issue with leafletting and there would be a meeting on Friday to resolve issues.


Members requested that Southwark be pushed to enforce on noise nuisance and take resident concerns seriously.





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