Agenda item

Digital Services Strategic Roadmap for the City of London Police

Report of the Chief Operating Officer.


Members considered a report of the City Corporation Chief Operating Officer regarding the Digital Services Strategic Roadmap for the City of London Police.


Members sought assurances that officers were making effective use of the existing technology before investing in new provisions. Efficiency should not override effectiveness in responding to both national and local needs.


It was noted that there was little detail on resourcing costs. Officers confirmed that costs would largely need to be funded from capital and a strategy board at the COLP would manage a prioritisation process, delivering aspirations built on compelling and affordable business plans to ensure the programme was achievable.


There was an officer name included in the annex, it was requested that this be removed.


Members asked whether conversations had already taken place with existing third-party suppliers about what they were already in a position to provide. In broad terms, the proposals could be supported by existing partners but there were instances where the City would be looking to engage specialist partners. Members requested that the City engage in conversations with contractors in order to map out what services may need to be sought from new providers.


The Chair of RREC reminded Members that he had commissioned a review into the City Corporation’s IT provision for the Force. The Chief Finance and Operating Officer of the City of London Police confirmed the scope of this review had been agreed. Members requested that this be shared with the Chair and Deputy Chair of RREC (22/2021/P).


The Assistant Commissioner noted that this needed to be an integrated change programme for the COLP.


RESOLVED that Members, subject to continued discussion with third-party providers, and a correction to the annex as stipulated:


·         Approve the City of London Police’s Digital Services Strategic Roadmap accompanying this report as the basis in principle for the digital transformation of the CoLC’s services.

·         Support the IT Director and Chief Operating Officer in setting the clear expectation amongst CoLP stakeholders that this roadmap shall be used as a guide for any local digital transformation initiatives within their own services; and that the CoLC IT team shall be notified of such initiatives so that they can be fully supported in a collaborative way, seeking to leverage value across the CoLC family.



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