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Shrieval Plan 2021/2022

To receive the 2021/2022 Shrieval Plan.


The Committee received the Shrieval Plan 2021/2022 which would be championed by Sheriff and Alderman Alison Gowman and Sheriff and Alderman Nicholas Lyons in 2021/2022. It was noted that the Plan outlined how the Sheriffs would support the Lord Mayor of the City of London, uphold the rule of law as custodians of the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) and advance the City’s engagement and influence across the three pillars of Community, Charity and Commerce during their term of Office.


Alderman Gowman referred to the Shrieval priorities as set out in the report and which would be brought together through three key pillars that would form the focus of Shrieval activity, building on the experience and expertise of the Sheriffs in order to contribute to a flourishing society, shape outstanding environments and support a thriving economy.


With reference to the Old Bailey Lunches, Alderman Gowman advised that the lunches would resume this week and other events were being planned, including a themed lunch (property orientated) on 18 November 2021. It was noted that the Sheriffs would work closely with the Lord Mayor to ensure that Covid-recovery activities were prioritised in collaboration with the Lord Mayor. Increasing use of the Old Bailey as an event space would also be progressed.


With regards to the number of Old Bailey lunches that would be held, Members were advised that the number would vary between three to four lunches per week to ensure that the Judges’ needs were taken into account and the lunches achieved maximum impact. This would result in a mixture of informal and formal luncheon arrangements so a broader range of guests, particularly younger guests, could best be accommodated.


The Chairman commended the Sheriffs and Officers in the formulation of the Shrieval Plan and, on behalf of the Committee, wished them every success for the coming year.


Resolved:- That the Shrieval Plan 2021-2022 be received.

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