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City of London Self Evaluation Framework

Report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services.

Please note a non-public appendix at agenda item 26.



The Committee received a report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services regarding City of London Self Evaluation Framework.


An officer introduced the report stating that the self-evaluation framework was a document produced annually as part of the Ofsted general monitoring process. 


A member asked for clarification on what was meant by ‘the framework us not defined’.


An officer clarified it meant that Ofsted didn’t give a set template for how the document was structured.


An officer echoed this and stated that Ofsted were consulted in the annual engagement meeting, and they gave good feedback about the SEF.


A member asked if it would be easier if Ofsted did define the framework.


An officer responded that it was not a mandatory requirement for Ofsted, but they ask for the SEF and the team operate well with the way it is set out.


A member commented that it was a shame that some on the information in the non-public appendix couldn’t be in public session as it was very interesting and queried as to whether any information could be moved into the public report.


The Chair commented that it would take a lot of time to redact the amount of information required.


RESOLVED, that – the report be noted.

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