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Six Month Media Update

Report of the Director of Communications.


Members received a report of the Director of Communications regarding the six month media update.


The Director of Communications gave three observations: 1) that there was a perceived change in tone surrounding Covid-19, with the negativity surrounding return to the office now more positive and encouraging; 2) that climate change continued to be a struggle, with a lack of media interest; and 3) with police and the fraud agenda, closer working relationships had been established, resulting in greater coverage and results for our political agenda.


A question was raised as to whether the City should reconsider the use of an unnamed spokesperson in relation to announcements that require technical expertise. This would possible mitigate any doubt surrounding the qualifications of any given commentator. The Director of Communications agreed to look into this.


Greater trend analysis was sought on media coverage in this period compared to previous periods. It was also suggested that any coverage that did not meet the criteria to be included in the analysis section, could be ‘swept’ into a smaller summary category.


On Climate change, the view was that very little extra could be done to resolve the issue around climate change coverage without hard edged policy initiatives. The plan was to continue to plug away at COP and continue trying.


Following a discussion on Corporate reputational risk it was agreed that the relevant information could feature in reports in future.


Regarding the Financial Times article concerning the incorrect assertion that the City would be repurposing office buildings to housing, officers and Members reaffirmed that the City was a business district with a vibrant and thriving offer. This message would be repeated until the misleading impression from the FT article was finally disregarded.


RESOLVED, that the report be noted.

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