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ICV Annual Report 2020-21

Report of the Town Clerk.


Members received a report of the Town Clerk regarding the ICV Annual Report 2020-21.


The name on the report should be corrected to Godfrey Baillon-Bending, not the Chair of the Authority Board. Thanks were given to Mr Baillon-Bending and to Deputy Keith Bottomley for their work in this area.


Deputy Keith Bottomley, as the lead for Safeguarding on the Board, in turn thanked the custody visitors who stepped up to their public service duty throughout the pandemic.


There were ongoing issues with the new exercise yard which had mostly been resolved. However, there were reports of leaks in heavy rain in some of the cells and inadequate CCTV footage. There was also a slight concern for the consistency of resourcing.


The Force confirmed that more focus line-management had been implemented for the custody suite through the implementation of Transform with it now reporting to the Supt Head of Criminal Justice. The Force also confirmed resourcing issues had been addressed with the introduction of a dedicated Custody Cadre.


It was agreed that the Force would check on the CCTV issues to establish whether its an issue with the technology or an issue of coverage. Officers also acknowledged that it was unacceptable to be detained in cells that were leaking and confirmed that should this be the case, detainees would be moved. The matter would be taken up with City Surveyors (26/2021/P).


Work continued through the Safer City Partnership on how to ensure COLP did not become a service of last resort.


It was requested that a letter of thanks be issued on behalf of the Board to the Chair of the ICV Panel and the Custody visitors (27/2021/P).

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