Agenda item

Equality & Inclusion


Members received two reports of the Commissioner regarding Equality and Inclusion highlights.


The Chair advised that the two reports should be considered alongside item 10: Staff Survey 2020 update.


It was clarified that the supplementary report (9b) had been submitted in response to the negative press release made in response to the Inclusive Employers Survey. Since the report was published, it was noted that the Force had met five of the 16 recommendations, with 11 outstanding.


Members were keen to maintain momentum and develop clear KPIs to ensure progress is made. Greater community engagement was sought, with quality events being planned so we can then have something positive to report on outside the Force.


It was felt that there were a number of strands of work, such as that of the Tackling Racism Taskforce, that could be drawn together into one comprehensive action plan. The Force confirmed there was a consolidated action plan, which it could bring to the Professional Standards & Integrity Committee (23/2021/P).


In order to prevent a fatigue amongst staff and officers, whilst surveys should be more regular they should be joined up into one good annual survey, with findings directly driving the action plan.


There was a request that the Force consider implementing a policy to combat ‘banter’, to ensure there was a framework around this behaviour that empowers people to speak out against it. This led to discussion on macho culture and how the participation of men in workshops with female employees would help them understand the impact of actions they may have considered harmless. This would be educational and may lead to modified behaviour.


A question was raised on the perception of unfair treatment, with unsatisfactory behaviour and performance, might be tracked and sensibly monitored. This included transparency on process on promotions. It was noted one of the six leads on the action plan would be working on exiting and entering the organisation to improve the perceived fairness.


Members were pleased to see a focus on health and wellbeing of staff and officers. It was noted that the MPS had a long-covid support group and it was recommended COLP get in touch with them to see if this could be a shared offering (24/2021/P).


Members were also pleased to see the schools pilot and it was confirmed this included the whole City Family of Schools (independents and academies).


The Assistant Commissioner described two recent forums with female staff. The first was for men and women, the latter was for women only. Both events were well attended and heartfelt, with a huge amount of honesty. There were a lot of positive comments about support received from male colleagues, but also a lot of conversations about behaviours that unfortunately still exist within the organisation. Better behaviours were a benefit to all and the Force first and foremost needed to listen to staff, then integrate the learnings into training, a refreshed code of ethics and policing plan.


Many Force colleagues had come forward as ambassadors for the ‘He for She’ campaign.


RESOLVED, that reports a) and b), be noted.