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Fire Safety Update - HRA Properties

Report of the Director of Community & Children's Services.



The Sub Committee received a report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services which updated members on the progress made in relation to fire safety matters since the last update report submitted to Committee in May 2021.


During the discussion on this item, the following points were noted:


1.         The team continue to make progress with the fire safety improvement works. Government guidance is still awaited on elements of the Fire Safety Act 2021.


2.         The Sub Committee would receive a report on the EWS1 forms in January.   Members noted that, whilst there is currently no legal obligation on the City Corporation to provide these, they are sometimes required by mortgage providers.  The government is seeking to train up 1000 new assessors but there are currently very few of them.  As the cost is likely to be significant, the report will include implications, options and recommendations.  It was noted that the EWS1 forms apply to a block, not an individual dwelling and, in the future, they might be required for all blocks regardless of their height.


3.         There will be a new action plan arising from the outcome of the current round of fire risk assessments.


4.         The level of compartmentation works at Great Arthur House (GAH) could be reduced, as sprinklers will be installed, but the sprinkler heads might need to come through some of the compartmentation, if this work precedes the sprinklers.   There was also a fully functioning alarm and evacuation procedure in place at GAH.   There had been a number of compartmentation surveys and, when the final reports are received by March 2022, any further remedial works will be included in the action plan. Members asked for officers to be mindful of unnecessary disruptions to flats. 


5.         Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans for residents were in hand, with initial telephone assessments being undertaken by Christmas.  Members asked if this could be added to the outstanding actions list to ensure they receive regular updates. 


6.         The London Fire Bridge had undertaken a number of inspections across London, with the most recent having taken place earlier this year.  Whilst the Fire Brigade had suggested that the fires doors were not of a modern standard, they are still fully compliant.  There had also been works to signage, to ensure it meets the required standard.   The London Fire Brigade is happy with the working relationship with the City Corporation, and the Community and Children’s Services Department has a dedicated Fire Officer.  All deficiency notices are actioned immediately, with details provided in the regular Fire Update reports to Members.   Work is expected to start over the next couple of weeks to the fire doors on Holloway Estate and York Close. 


RESOLVED, that – the report be noted.

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