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Housing Major Works Programme - Progress Report

Report of the Director of Community & Children’s Services.


The Sub Committee received a report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services, which provided Members with an update on the Housing Major Works Programme and advised Members of issues affecting progress on individual schemes.


During the discussion and questions, the following points were noted:


1.       The Assistant Director agreed to work with IT in terms of presenting a breakdown of costs per estate, whilst retaining historic information.  A breakdown of expenditure on sprinklers would be provided in the Major Works Programme Update report.   


2.       There had been some resourcing issues over the past 6-7 months, but a replacement project manager had recently been appointed to support projects on the Golden Lane Estate.  A further appointment was imminent, to support the wider windows programme.  Whilst the appointment of consultants is an option, this is still very resource intensive as they require additional support whilst being brought up to and managing internally.   There had been some respite following the relaxation of restrictions relating to the recruitment moratorium on making permanent appointments, and officers were looking at the possibility of sharing resources with the City Surveyor.  Members would be notified if similar problems arose in the future. 


3.       Following some issues with the Section 20 Consultations, letters were due to go out to residents of Lammas Green and Otto Close this week, with work due to start in the New Year.


4.       Refurbishment works at Harman Close had been delayed by access issues, as a number of the residents are vulnerable and had been shielding, but the additional fire stopping works were now underway, together with adaptions to door handles to make them easier to use.  The works were expected to complete at the end of calendar year.


5.       York Way was on target and would coincide with the fire doors and works to the corridors, once the first elements had been completed.


6.       The costs in respect of Crescent House were being revisited and a planning application would be submitted early next year.


7.       The communal heating works at Middlesex Street would require a decision by the  Planning Committee in December, due to the works to the road and street side elevations requiring approval.  Whilst this option would avoid considerable disturbance to the internal areas to the flats, a small number of residents had objected to the external pipework.   Whilst this matter is now being resolved, there has been a lot of time lost due to the project stopping and re-starting.  Members noted that a building in Aldermanbury had offered a waste heat supply to the Middlesex Street Estate.  This proposal would also be presented to the Planning Committee and the pipework and end-user equipment would be provided free of charge.   The Assistant Director confirmed that all heating systems would be future proofed, to incorporate renewable technology. 


RESOLVED, that – the report be noted.



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