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Report of Action Taken: Governor Appointments

Report of the Town Clerk.


Members received a report of the Director of Community & Children’s Services regarding an update on Governor appointments and a report of the Town Clerk regarding a Governor appointment that was ratified under urgency procedures.


The Strategic Education and Skills Director began by highlighting the importance of timely succession planning for Governor appointments due to the Local Governing Bodies’ (LGB) vital role in education. It was also noted that information on the academies’ websites was not always accurate. As there were several current and upcoming vacancies, a reminder was offered to Clerks of these bodies to ensure that the appointment process was being completed in a timely and accurate fashion.


The Chair asked that Members of the Board be on the lookout for potential suitable candidates for these appointments so that they may be approached to apply.


A Member requested that a handbook be developed to support incoming LGB Governors in understanding the requirements and expectations of their role.


Another Member also highlighted the importance of identifying skills gaps within the LGB Memberships and the Chief Executive of CoLAT confirmed that skills audits were regularly undertaken by the LGBs and that currently there appeared to be a gap in the area of HR and property expertise. The Member offered to provide contacts for those working in the HR industry and suggested that other City contacts were utilised to source those with the appropriate knowledge and experience. The Chief Executive of CoLAT confirmed that a Governance dedicated officer would be joining the CoLAT team in the new year to assist with this process.


RESOLVED, that the report be noted.

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