Agenda item

West Smithfield Area Public Realm and Transportation project

To consider the report of the Environment Department.


NB: Appendix 6 to this report is classed as Non-Public



A Member pointed out that there appeared to be no agreement to move a working market, that some of the current proposals were “fanciful” and did not appear to work well with the current Smithfield market, and that tenants and those working in the market had not been properly consulted. The current proposals would impede the movement of vehicles loading and unloading for the market, negatively affecting access to the market. The Member objected to the proposals in the strongest terms, suggesting that the report be reviewed, that tenants be properly consulted, and that the poultry market not be included in the project given that it has not been declared as surplus and continues to be a working market.


Two further Members agreed that there had been no proper consultation with tenants, and commented that Area 1 referred to places that were essential to the market’s proper operation (such as Charterhouse Street, Smithfield Street, and West Smithfield), and that Area 1 covered too wide an area.


The Sub Committee heard that local stakeholders, including the market Superintendent, were being consulted as part of the ongoing developments and that the current report was focussing only on Area 1 at the western end of Smithfield - the overall vision statement did not refer to work currently being progressed.


The Sub Committee commented that there was merit in the project being reviewed for proper scoping and proper consultation.


The Sub Committee agreed that elements of the project proposals referred to items that needed to be considered in a non-public setting, and that the discussion should be moved to the non-public part of the meeting.


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