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Superintendent's Update

Report of the Superintendent of Epping Forest.


The Committee received a report of the Executive Director Environment which provided the Superintendent’s update for Epping Forest in the period from October to November 2021.


Responding to a query from a Committee member the Director of Open Spaces explained that a meeting was being held with the appropriate Highway Officers of the relevant local authorities on the afternoon of the 17th and the Head Keeper of Epping Forest after which a full response will be provided to the Committee on the subject of temporary traffic restrictions in Epping Forest.


Following a suggestion from a Committee member the Chairman requested that Officers should add the date of completion on committee reports and ensure reports are as up to date as possible.


The Deputy Chairman informed the Committee that discussions were being held on the relevant response to the damage to the Epping Forest War Memorial.


The Superintendent answered a Committee member’s question by confirming that a meeting with relevant stakeholders would be held on the recent horse collision incidence.


Responding to a Committee member’s query the Director of Open Spaces confirmed that Cooped Hall buffer lands would not be used as a SANG.


RESOLVED- That the report be noted.


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