Agenda item

Questions on Matters Relating to the Work of the Sub Committee


Members noted the  Planning and Transportation Committee this week had received an Application for a Variation on a project in the Minories, requesting the removal of 27 affordable flats from scheme, in lieu of a Section 106 Agreement.   Members had noted that a decision on 27 units had been too low for consideration by the Community and Children’s Services Committee. Members (of the Housing Management and Almshouses Sub Committee (HMASC)) noted that the Local Plan is currently being revised and, therefore, strengthening the housing aspects would be timely in helping to formulate policy.  


Whilst the £9.9m contribution from the developers to fund new housing was welcomed, it was noted that this was only handed over in full once 75% of the scheme has been constructed. Members (of the HMASC) sought assurance that payments in lieu reflected construction costs and were inflation linked.   The Assistant Director, Barbican and Property Services, agreed to consult with planning colleagues on this matter and bring an overview report back to this Sub Committee.   It was also noted that developers often stated that service charges on some schemes might be too high for social housing tenants. 


Whilst supporting a wider discussion, Members noted that this fell outside of the remit of this Sub Committee’s (and the Grand Committee’s) Terms of Reference.  It was therefore Moved by Susan Pearson, Seconded by John Fletcher and RESOLVED, that – a resolution be sent to the Policy and Resources and Planning and Transportation Committees, setting out the above concerns, in order to facilitate a  wider discussion.