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Open Spaces Business Plan 2021/22 - Six month performance update: April to Sept 2021

Report of the Executive Director Environment.


The Committee received a report of the Executive Director Environment on the Open Spaces Business Plan 2021/22 Six-month performance update April to September 2021.


The Committee discussed the need for a more dynamic and interactive reporting dashboard for charities under purview of the Epping Forest and Commons Committee.


A Member of the Committee commented on a relative underspend in Epping Forest in comparison to other open spaces to the Business Plan. The Superintendent explained that there was planned to be a larger spend in the later part of the year and but noted that it had been cautious year in terms of spending. Responding to Member’s query the Superintendent explained that the level of spending was partly due to the staff recruitment moratorium but added there were issues also contributing. 


RESOLVED- That the report be noted.


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