Agenda item

Health and Wellbeing Board Strategy Update

The Director of Community and Children’s Services to be heard.


The Board heard an update of the Director of Public Health on the Health and Wellbeing Board Strategy and the following point was made:


·         A Health and Wellbeing Board Strategy was being developed to provide a detailed picture of health inequality in the City of London.  As well as establishing the role of the Board as a place-based expert within the wider health and social care infrastructure, the strategy would help identify those in low-paid and insecure work and ensure appropriate levels of support were in place.  Work to develop the strategy would be supported by an extensive engagement programme, including peer researchers targeting specific communities, prior to the final strategy being presented to the meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board on 25 November 2022 for approval.  In response to a question from the Chairman, the Strategy and Projects Officer advised that the strategy was primarily focused on individuals who worked in low-paid or insecure work.  The Chairman requested that the definition of health inequalities include mental health support and another Board Member underlined the corporate responsibility that companies based within the City of London had for all their employees, included sub-contracted staff who might be in low-piad or insecure positions.


RESOLVED, that the update be noted.