Agenda item

National Lead Force Update

Report of the Commissioner.


Members received a verbal report of the Assistant Commissioner regarding National Lead Force.


Members heard about the renewal of an arrangement with Microsoft and suggested that the Force seek to do similar with other such as Amazon, PayPal and Google.


Social media companies had a duty of care as outlined in the Online Safety Bill. The Force was trying to be proactive in encouraging large, data rich, organisations to share their data to help improve the Force’s ability to prevent and investigate cyber crime.


A discussion was had on the involvement of COLP with insurance companies, primarily on the need to improve the messaging so that these companies knew who to speak to when there was a cyber threat. The Chair of Policy and Resources supported the idea of improving this. She felt that UK Finance would be a good forum to raise this and suggested a round table for insurers be held (1/2022/P).


RESOLVED, that the update be noted.



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