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Equality and Inclusion Update

Report of the Commissioner of the City of London Police.


Members received a report of the Commissioner regarding the Force’s Equality and Inclusion update.


The KPIs were considered useful, particularly as so many of them were numeric, which made them easy to measure. Members were keen to know how these informed changes to practice. A dashboard was being completed and would be available at the next meeting.


Staff meetings would take place in the coming two weeks and findings would be fed back to the Commanders and Chief Officer Team.


The response to the Charing Cross report included an increased resource in this area to bolster the Violence Against Women and Girls agenda. This was paired with the professionalism and trust stream of work. Huge learnings werebeing taken from schools and the voices of young people.


There was a discussion on a number of surveys and the need to draw on the work of the inclusive employer survey, with particular focus on BAME members of the Force and procedural justice on promotion and retention. There was wider work by the Force for a catch-all survey, to avoid survey-fatigue. It was hoped that even with a new system, results from previous years could still be used as baselines and mapped across, to avoid starting with nothing as a comparison.


Members sought a copy of the Police Federation Survey.


RESOLVED, that the report be noted.

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