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Asset Management


In response to questions about the cost of window frame replacement, the Assistant Director advised that replacements carried out in  isolation would  always be more expensive than if they formed part of a programme.  Members also noted that Saville’s Condition Survey had identified window replacements works in several years’ time.  However, the team would be putting out a schedule of rates to procurement, so that when the window frames come up for replacement, the works will be at  previously agreed prices, which would have been competitively tendered to achieve economies of scale. 


The Assistant Director further advised that regulations covering glazing must conform to British Standards and Building Regulations.  Therefore, if residents are in any doubt as to the condition or safety of a window, then they should advise the Estate Office.  When they are replaced as part of the Stock Condition Survey, it will be to modern safety standards, in line with the limitations of a listed estate.


In response to a question about the redecorations at Frobisher Crescent and the debit to the service charge account, the Assistant Director reminded Members about extensive discussions before the pandemic.  A decision had been taken by the Barbican Residential Committee (BRC) and there had been  two stages of Section 20 Consultation with Frobisher residents.  At the time, the House Group stated that they would be: ‘happy to award on the basis of tender submitted and subsequent clarifications’.  Members noted that there would be a third stage of the Section 20 Consultation later this month for the blocks scheduled to be redecorated in the coming months.   The Assistant Director advised that he had met with the Arts Centre in terms of integrating works and would be speaking to them further in terms of the redecorations.


Finally, officers recognised that the detail in Section 20 Notices is somewhat lacking as they are required to fulfil a legal formality.  Therefore, the Estate Office always adds further details when they are sent to residents, and the Assistant Director agreed to investigate where this had not been done.

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