Agenda item


To elect a Chairman in accordance with Standing Order No. 29.


The Committee proceeded to elect a Chairman in accordance with Standing Order No. 29. 


A list of Members who had expressed an interest in and were eligible to stand was read by the Town Clerk and Deputy Marianne Fredericks and Deputy Shravan Joshi both expressed a willingness to serve. 


A ballot was therefore necessary.


A ballot having been taken, votes were cast as follows:-


Deputy Marianne Fredericks                                  -           8 votes

Deputy Shravan Joshi                                            -           18 votes


RESOLVED – That Deputy Shravan Joshi be elected Chairman in accordance with Standing Order 29 for the year ensuing.


On being elected, the Chairman thanked the Committee for its support.


The Chairman went on to pay tribute to those Members who had now left the Committee, beginning with Oliver Sells QC who had served as Deputy Chairman for the past two years and who was thanked for his hard work, leadership and guidance during his term, also Douglas Barrow, Peter Bennett, Deputy Mark Bostock, Thomas Clementi, Deputy Peter Dunphy, Tracey Graham, Graeme Harrower, Deputy Christopher Hayward, Christopher Hill, Tom Hoffman, Jamie Ingham Clark, Alderwoman Susan Langley, James de Sausmarez and Barbara Newman who had served on this Committee for twenty years and was also a former Chair.


The Chair also welcomed new Members of the Committee – Brendan Barns, Alex Barr, Emily Benn, Ian Bishop-Laggett, Deputy Michael Cassidy, Antony Fitzpatrick, Martha Grekos, Jaspreet Hodgson, Alderman Ian Luder, Anthony Manchester, Deborah Oliver, Alethea Silk, Luis Tilleria, Shailendra Umradia and William Upton who was re-joining the Committee after a short pause in service.


Finally, the Chairman read a short statement in response to the Motion that had been passed at last week’s Court of Common Council meeting on traffic orders and Bank Junction. He also stated that this statement would be circulated to all Common Councillors at the conclusion of today’s meeting.


The Chairman reminded Members that the resolution instructed this Committee to do two reviews. The first is that Officers be tasked with reviewing all traffic orders currently in effect on the City’s streets. The second, that the planned review of the traffic mix and timing of restrictions at Bank junction should begin immediately. 


The Chairman clarified that both of these reviews should take account of the Transport Strategy, Climate Action Strategy and Corporate Plan. He reported that, for the first task, officers have already begun scoping this exercise and associated surveys and analysis to inform the review. A report setting out the approach would be brought to the next meeting of this Committee in May. The first report of the outcomes of the review is then scheduled to come to this Committee in September 2022.


For the Bank junction review, it was reported that, again officers had begun the process. This review would be overseen by the Streets & Walkways Sub-Committee given its more detailed nature. However, when necessary, reports would also be brought to this Committee, including the final recommendations for decision before being presented to the Court of Common Council.


With the permission of the Chairman, the Chair of the Community and Children’s Services Committee spoke from the public gallery to question whether this Committee could give assurances that disability and womens groups would also be consulted as part of this work. The Chairman assured the Member that this would be the case.