Agenda item


To elect a Deputy Chairman in accordance with Standing Order No. 29.



The Committee proceeded to elect a Deputy Chairman in accordance with Standing Order No. 30. 


A list of Members who had expressed an interest in and were eligible to stand was read by the Town Clerk and Deputy Alastair Moss, being the only Member expressing a willingness to serve, was therefore duly elected as Deputy Chairman.




Proposed by Deputy Henry Pollard;

Seconded unanimously;




THAT, at the conclusion of his term of office as their Chair, the Members of this Committee wish to extend to


Deputy Alastair Moss


their sincere thanks and appreciation for the extremely able and competent manner in which he has presided over their deliberations and the detailed interest and commitment he has shown in all aspects of the work of the Planning and Transportation Committee.


ALASTAIR’S Chairmanship has been extraordinary in many ways, not least because of the impact of the pandemic and its consequences upon all aspects of life in the City. Residents, businesses, workers and visitors were all profoundly affected. However, he was keen to ensure that it was business as usual from the onset of the first lockdown, even if that meant informal meetings at the outset and the many technological challenges that this presented. The role of this Committee, under his leadership, has been vital in responding to the crisis and leading the recovery with energy and vision, setting out our route to future prosperity. He has ensured that the challenges faced were met with determination and focus and has been committed to a fair balance between all stakeholders and collaborative decision making.

HIS experience and understanding of planning and transportation matters have been a driving force behind the record number of planning applications which have been considered in the past three years, with many others still in the pipeline. Indeed, a number of additional meetings were called in order to cater for the Committee’s very high workload.


UNDER his leadership, the Committee have achieved a great deal, with the active pursuit and implementation of a ground-breaking and radical Transport Strategy – a first for the City, the key role that it has played in the Recovery Task Force, its support for the implementation of the Climate Action Strategy in the built environment and the significant progression of the draft Local Plan, to name but a few.


THE Chair has worked tirelessly to ensure that the City is the place where developers are able to bring forward world class projects that maintain our pre-eminence. He has also given focus to the critical issues affecting our streets and public spaces, seeking always to co-ordinate efforts to further improve the Square Mile over the next 25 years, ensuring that it remains a competitive, safe and attractive place to live, work, learn and visit.

IN taking leave of Alastair as their Chair, Members of this Committee wish to thank him for his service and excellent leadership in bringing the Committee's demanding agendas to decision. We wish him every possible success in the future.